Feeling a little 'Out of Love'? Yes? Then get over here and read the prologue of Foster &amp

Are you stuck in that Monday funk even though it's Tuesday? When the alarm clock went off, were you like this <see below>? Think a little dose of Foster and Noelle will help? Read on... ;) Out of Love COPYRIGHT @ 2016 RC BOLDT PROLOGUE Foster Kavanaugh “I just got these contracts signed.” Noelle Davis, my office manager, puts two files down on my desk. “Tell me again why these people don’t allow e-signing?” She huffs out a breath, blowing some stray blond hair off her face while I watch her return to her desk. And, for the trillionth time, I resist the urge to brush aside her hair for her. Which pisses me the hell off. Because I know the facts: a) Noelle is off limits as my empl

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