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RC's Randoms (& other news) This is my first time sending out a mass email. First off, can I be honest, here, for a sec? *leans in close, lowers voice* I really never expected anyone to actually sign up for my mailing list. *Cue the gasps* I know. But, seriously. I'm just RC. I don't consider myself that exciting, let alone important enough to warrant having my own mailing list. With legit recipients. Now, if you were to ask my mother, she'd wave her hand dismissively and say, "Of course you have people on your mailing list! You're my daughter after all, aren't you?" Because, you know, me being "Nancy's daughter" totally has something to do with it. ;) But I digress... I am not goin


I can't possibly be the only person who realizes it's not the wisest choice to combine a heavy jar of pasta sauce with a fresh loaf of bread. In the same frigging shopping bag. Yet, when I kindly requested the man not put the bread in there with it, to put it in its own bag instead, you would've thought I'd just announced that I have insider info on who kidnapped the Lindbergh baby or something. They really need to start making these people go to classes to learn proper bagging etiquette. The next time my bottle of Chardonnay is bagged with buns, we may just come to blows. Who am I kidding? I won't say a word but will end up re-bagging everything properly once I pay and get out the door. Bec

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